Karachi - No change witnessed in the value of rupee and dollar in money market on Friday. The lowest value of dollar was reported Rs 100.60 in inter bank.

Malik Bostan Chairman Exchange Companies Association of Pakistan told The Nation that dollar was on declining mode during the week with multiple reasons as greenback depreciated continuously in money market.  He further informed that the Ijara Sukkuk bond support the local currency and this the reason, we have seen rupee strength against dollar in inter bank market, he said and added that country would receive another tranche of collation support fund very soon while rise in the value of gold was also the reason of dollar weakening against rupee.  Malik Bostan said existing market data shows the availability of dollar in term of supply while it has no demand because most of the importers are not interested to open their LC accounts.

According to the data provided by the Forex Association of Pakistan during the day dollar was traded at lowest price of Rs 101.20 and highest value of Rs 101.40 in cash free market while it was traded at minimum rate of Rs 100.60 and maximum rate of Rs 100.65 in inter bank market.