Rawalpindi - Citizens of Rawalpindi have been facing acute shortage of gas for the last one week with almost zero pressure.

As a result, children and office goers are forced to go to schools and offices without taking breakfast.

The situation is particularly critical in middle class localities like Khayban-e-Sir Syed, Bangash Colony, Ratta and Sadiqabad where the housewives say that the supply has completely gone off after the opening of CNG stations.

While the SNGPL authorities say that the pressure is low in areas that are at the tail of the line but the residents say that there is no gas at all in the line what to speak of low pressure.

In interviews with this news agency, some housewives in these localities strongly criticised the government over its failure to meet the needs of the domestic consumer and by diverting the gas for commercial use like supply to industries and the CNG stations. They said the situation was not such desperate even during the last year of the PPP government which had at least cut off the supply of gas to industries during three months of winter. They said now the government in order to please the business community has allowed the supply to industries, the worst sufferers are the domestic consumers.

They said while the leaders of political parties come to them for votes, they never turn up when the people are facing different types of problems like shortage of gas and water. They strongly protested the step motherly treatment being meted out to the middle and lower middle class areas while there is no shortage in Islamabad and posh localities of Rawalpindi.

Newly elected Counsellors of the areas have appealed the Prime Minister and Petroleum Minister to pay urgent attention and ensure supply of gas to Rawalpindi households otherwise it would have a very negative impact on the standing of the PML-N. They fear that the PTI which suffered a humiliating defeat in the elections would exploit the situation to its advantage.

Meanwhile, as many as 241 institutions have been declared as high risk in Rawalpindi, while 27 institutions in Attock, 39 in Jhelum and 21 in Chakwal have been declared in A Plus category.

According to details, strict orders have been given by Commissioner Rawalpindi Zahid Saeed during an important meeting to deploy security guards on the roofs of the educational institutions, to stop movement of unknown persons in institutional territories’ Car Parking, to keep an eye on the adjoining areas of the institutions, walk through gates, metal detectors, CCTV cameras, and to install barriers on the entrances of the educational institutions.

In addition Zahid Saeed stated that clear instructions have been given to all the Heads of educational institutions to make the walls of the institution 8 feet high and to put 2 feet barbed wire on the walls.

He also stated that monitoring teams will make sure that the security arrangements were in place and also will point out security breaches of the educational institutions by auditing the security arrangements made by different schools.

The RPO Rawalpindi stated that facility is being provided by Rawalpindi Police to train the security guards and, in the same way a plan has been formulated to make the security of the institution fool proof by Police patrolling.