European Council President Charles Michel on Friday extended his congratulations to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his electoral victory, calling on London to vote on a proposed Brexit agreement as soon as possible.

Upon his arrival at the European Union (EU) summit, Michel told reporters that "it is important to have the clarity as soon as possible."

"The EU will negotiate to ensure to have a close cooperation in the future with the UK," he said, adding that "the integrity of the single market is a very important issue for us."

The two-day summit, the first of its kind since the inauguration of Charles, is scheduled to focus on Brexit on Friday and is expected to issue a statement following Britain's election results.

An exit poll published after voting closed in the British election on Thursday night suggested the Conservatives are on course to win a massive Parliamentary majority.

The results of the poll were released by Britain's main television organizations as soon as thousands of polling stations across Britain closed at 10 p.m. local time.

If the results of the exit poll are accurate, the Conservatives would have an 86-seat majority in the Commons.

Johnson vowed Tuesday to demolish the three-year stalemate over Brexit and end Britain's membership of the EU on Jan. 31, 2020 if he wins the election.

Ahead of that he aims to present his Brexit deal to the Houses of Parliament before Christmas. That would mean his Brexit bill winging its way through the Westminster processes and receiving Royal Assent from Queen Elizabeth before parliament goes into its festive season recess just a few days before Dec. 25.

Johnson's aim is to then reach a future permanent trading relationship with Brussels by the end of 2020.