KARACHI              -         Anti Ve­hicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) has conducted operation in different areas here and has arrested 7 ac­cused involved in steal­ing and snatching motor­cycles.

According to police the accused were not only in­volved in car and motor­cycle stealing and snatch­ing but also they were involved in selling stolen parts of vehicles.

According to (AELC) police the search opera­tion was carried out in Jamshaid Quarter, Au­rangi Town, Shah Faisal Colony and in Gulshan Iqbal and other different areas.

From the arrested ac­cused police recovered snatched motorcycle, rickshaws and different spare parts of vehicles.

Police have registered cases against the accused persons and started in­vestigation.

Police also conducted search operation near Goth Memon and recov­ered liquor bottles from arrested accused Vikram while another accused escaped.