ISLAMABAD - The third session of “Fortnightly Lok Baithak” will explore the “Folklore of Pothohar” here on February 14 ( tomorrow), at the media center of National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa.

Faisal Raja, a Pothohari folk singer, and Chaudhary Sagheer a famous “Pothohari Bait Baz” with his party, would sing the folk songs of Pothohar region. Lok Virsa is organizing this session with especial cooperation of Syed Muntazir Imam Rizvi - a research scholar in Pothohari folklore and a renowned radio and TV anchorperson.   

The main purpose of “Lok Baithak” is to revive the traditional informal sittings of the traditional and rural communities. The Lok Baithaks were multifaceted and used to serve the multiple purposes of associationalism, camaraderie, entertainment, social cohesion, knowledge sharing, creation of disciplinarian and organizational spirit, and above all hub of promotion of art and culture in the general communities. This program at Lok Virsa is open to the people of all age groups and multiple ethnicities in the style that they themselves are the speakers and listeners with the Lok Virsa being a regulator and facilitator only.

Participants are encouraged and allowed to bring their musical instruments and artifacts they specialize in.

They are motivated to share the values, knowledge, wisdom, stories, songs, tales, fables, epics, jokes, traditional games, riddles and so on, overall, everything falling within the domain of folklore of their respective regions. Amateur singers and musicians among them sing and play music, organizers said