After the death of the 10-year-old Amal Umer in Karachi, on 13.08.2018, Sindh government finally moved the Amal Act Bill in the Sindh assembly on 24.01.2019. Indeed, it is one of the best steps taken by the Sindh Government. The purpose of the above act is that if any kind of accident takes place, in a situation of emergency, private or government hospitals will not demand money or any other inquiry before the treatment is stared, which caused many delays earlier on. The cost of compulsory medical treatment shall be borne by the Sindh government. On the other hand, however, the Sindh Government already passed a similar bill called ‘Sindh Injured Persons ( Medical Aid) Bill 2014’ to treat all patents without waiting for police clearance, but this law could not see the light of day as the government failed to implement it. Now the question is, will the Sindh Government implement the Amal Act Bill? I hope Sindh Government continues to this act and implements it properly.

I request the Federal Government as well as other Provinces to implement a similar bill throughout the country, in order to save precious lives.


Wahi Pandhi, January 25.