Currently, Pakistan is mired into many serious economic, social, political and cultural problems. It is very important to find solutions to all such problems. But, I think, currently three problems have acquired immense importance and, therefore, need immediate attention by the present government These three problems are: population bomb, water shortage and foreign debts.

Amongst the top of these three issues is the dangerous and ill-planned growth in Pakistan’s population. This unplanned population growth has seriously been affecting the already limited resources of the country; where it has become very difficult to feed all the citizens equally. Besides the food problem, the growing population of the country has seriously been affecting the opportunities for all in the fields of education, health, jobs, housing, safe and clean environment, etc. Therefore, there is an urgent need to plan our population by strictly inculcating the concept of family planning, especially in rural areas.

The second serious issue is of water shortage; which, in fact, has already frightened us all. We are facing this issue as the successive governments in Islamabad have failed to conserve water by constructing both big and small dams in the catchment and other areas of the country. This criminal negligence by the successive political and military governments has compelled all Pakistanis to seriously think about constructing big reservoirs for storing water. This may be possible when we all-the government of the day at Islamabad and the 200 million population- take this issue seriously.

The third serious issue is of foreign debts which is hanging like a sword over our heads. The successive ruling parties at the Centre have borrowed so much from the lending agencies and foreign countries that now it has become very difficult, if not altogether impossible, to get ourselves out of the present net of foreign debts.

The interesting thing about all that received foreign debt is that it was hugely misused and wasted on less important areas than using the same for ameliorating the fate of the common citizens by educating them and by providing satisfactory health facilities. The need of the hour, therefore, is to find a solution for the debt problem. This would be possible when some radical, tough and bold steps are taken for the improvement of our economy. In the coming five to ten years, if Pakistan is able to get itself out of the above serious problems, then, I say with utmost guarantee and confidence that we will prosper as a nation.


Karachi, January 27.