Our Prime Minister is a former Pakistani cricketer and truly he was a legendary player who led from the front and won the World Cup for Pakistan. Pakistan is going through a development phase and our Prime Minister is determined to make Pakistan a debt free country which seems a little difficult at the moment but not impossible. Being a former cricketer of Pakistan, our prime minister should emphasize on revival of international cricket in Pakistan as it would generate great revenue for the country. If more tournaments are organized in the country more international teams would come and by that way not only revenue would be generated but our image will also improve internationally.

During the last government’s tenure, some international players, mostly belonging from Zimbabwe toured Pakistan to play PSL and other one day series. At that time, it was criticized that only low-ranked teams like Zimbabwe had toured Pakistan while the leading teams like Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa were absent. Thus, it is a test for the new government to ensure a better law and order situation to make Pakistan more inviting for other international teams.

Pakistan is a cricket loving nation and has always welcomed international teams to our country with open arms. Since the law and order situation has improved in the country, it is high time that the government exert real efforts to invite international teams to tour Pakistan. Such revenue generation could be utilized to build dams and pay debts off though proportion of such revenue generation.


Karachi, January 26.