While I pen this down, I must admit that my body is shaking. My heart is pounding and my mind is all soaked up in consternation. I’m thinking twice in going ahead with the piece. Ramifications. Repercussions. What if scenario? All of these thoughts have engulfed me.

Fear is in the air. I might not be at my usual best. Every sentence I type seems to forewarn me of the danger ahead. My thoughts are all scrambled, jumbled and cluttered to say the least. But, I can’t help but meander my way through adversity. As they’re told in the military, I’d prefer ‘breaking it down Barney-style.’

Remember folks: logic, argumentative skills and the ability to reason aren’t easy to come by. However, fiery rhetoric, hate speech and the inability to question the argument initially posed require no effort. It can be disastrous. Knowledge leads towards enlightenment, whereas, irrationality serves as a vestibule of insanity. It’s time for you to decide what would you rather pick.

Disagreements within a society shouldn’t be abhorred. It is a sign of a healthy and mature society. But, what makes the things complicated is the reaction you come up with in regards to a disagreement. If you don’t buy into a particular argument, please have the brains enough to counter that idea with wisdom and logic. Why aren’t you willing to put in the hard yards? Equip yourself with knowledge; think, contemplate and analyze the situation at hand.

It’s easy to fire a bullet, but it’s extremely difficult to persuade someone with your arguments. Read the history. Go back to the seventh century. Were there any bullets fired? Were the individuals forced to convert? Or, were it the logical arguments that did the trick? Mind is everything. It seems as if you haven’t yet been able to gauge its lethality.

Pakistan, as a state, seems to be striving hard, but for all the wrong reasons. Efforts are underway to descent into extremism- the effect of which is hardly unknown to anyone. Creativity is an art, and something praiseworthy. If you think someone’s liberal ideas might contaminate the society we’re living in, then why not come up with your own set of arguments. Let the people decide for themselves, then.

Perhaps, the problem lies at the very core. Students in Pakistan are encouraged to toe the stereotypical line. Outside the box thinking is a rare commodity, and questioning something is itself considered disrespectful. Please, go back to reason and logic.

Pakistan has to come first. Irrespective of anything else, Pakistan has to be the top priority. Let me play the devil’s advocate.  If ‘Bhensa’ and the likes had to do anything with state security, then the operatives would fully be cognizant of the game plan. Ensuring national security is part of their duty. This is what they’re trained for, and this is why the nation expects them to deliver. If there’s ever a national security breach, then a bit of transparency can do wonders. Being enshrouded in mystery would only add to the stalemate.

Nobody should be allowed to tinker around with national security. However, this principle should be applicable all across the board. It should be all encompassing. Respect the ones who can think. Respect creativity. Respect innovation. Respect new ideas. Respect intellect.

I look forward to meeting you with my next piece. Until then, just live and let live.