BEIJING-A pair of hi-tech glasses that superimposes computer graphics over real-world views has emerged as one of the most lauded products of this year’s CES tech expo.

Nreal, the Chinese start-up involved, has confounded the expectations of many industry watchers with the quality of the images its Light glasses produces.

One tester said the glasses looked a bit “clunky”, and the company is being sued by Magic Leap, a rival.Mr Wood said the Nreal glasses at CES had come a long way since the prototype showed off at last year’s event

“For years people have over-promised and under-delivered on augmented reality glasses,” the CCS Insight analyst told the BBC.

“Nreal seem to have quietly got on with delivering the product and are now set to ship it by the middle of the year.

“I’m not gong to pretend the glasses will be to everybody’s taste - this is still a first-generation product. But they are a lot closer to a normal pair of sunglasses than some of the other bulky smart glasses I’ve seen, and they definitely provide the best experience of augmented reality glasses at CES.”

Nreal’s Light glasses require a tethered connection to an Android phone and come with their own touchpad controller.