ISLAMABAD               -         Continuing for the second week, painting exhibition titled ‘Defining Moments’ by famous painter Nusratji attracted art enthusiasts from twin cities in bulk due to its unique display of elements filtering through exclusive colours and tones.

Started earlier this week by Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA), this exhibition of oil paintings by the impressionist painter Nusratji has been highlighting different aspects of oil paintings for young painters especially as she used flatness and depth, underpinned by subtle structures.

People from all walks of life have been visiting the exhibition which aimed to generate positivity in the society by highlighting the issues of human rights, religious freedom and lack of tolerance.

Titled ‘Defining Moments’, exhibition displayed more than 60 oil canvas paintings in two galleries. It was the artist’s first solo exhibition at the PNCA in last 15 years featuring the unusual impressionistic style of Nusratji.

Nusratji, who belonged to the ‘Post-Impressionist School’ and has art experience of more than 40 years, paints on two-dimensional surface to create three-dimensional effects in oils with palette knife through her impressionistic style. Her works are mostly figurative though she captures multiple subjects and heritage of Pakistan.

She is an impressionist artist who tries to set semi and sometimes fully defined shapes in more abstract settings while staying close to natural and earth tones.

Nusrat Ji’s work invites open communication with her perception and the viewer’s ability to grasp it as she was not shy to explore into other colours of the spectrum, especially when painting landscapes in her traditional style including a sunset through the woods, horses galloping.

Sana Ali, an art student at National College of Arts (NCA) Rawalpindi said highlight of this exhibition was her piece with the sunset in the woods, next to it on a pedestal stood what looked to be like an Ikebana arrangement resembling the painting.

“Visiting this exhibition gave me many creative ideas as to what and how put my thoughts into an art piece and not being shy to speak my mind through art especially painting”, she added.