Half of the Lahore city is now deprived of the services of the authourity of the Punjab Safe City Projects. The problem has surfaced due to lack of financial resources required to handle the project as well as the case for obatining control of PSCA amongst the Police and bureaucrats. According to official sources, 4000 cameras (50% of PSCA Cameras) are offline despite the fact that Lahore is set to host domestic (PSL) and international cricket matches. This has raised concern regarding security of religious worship places as well as sensitive buildings which also includes academic, corporate and professional institutions. Furthermore, surveillance of main roads is now a major issue for PSCA. 

The previous provincial government had worked to establish PSCA as a multi-billion mega project under the Punjab safe cities Ordinance 2015 in order to utilise technology for uplift and standardistaion of quality of life in the metropolitan.