KARACHI            -           The flight schedule of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Dubai has changed in view of bad weather conditions.

The PIA spokesperson announced that the return flights from Islamabad and Peshawar have been cancelled. The flights including PK-213 and 214 from Karachi to Dubai, PK-283 and 284 from Peshawar, PK-235 and 236 were cancelled. Moreover, the passengers were adjusted to other flights including PK-211 and 212 from Islamabad, PK-203 and 204 from Lahore.

The passengers will now travel through Boeing 777 aircraft who were previously scheduled to fly through smaller aircraft Airbus A-320.

Whereas, the passengers of PK-212 who were stranded in Dubai have stayed at hotel and the remaining people were shifted to Marhaba Lounge due to shortage of rooms. A restaurant at the lounge was given instructions for providing meal to the passengers.

The spokesperson added that the administration is providing all facilities to the passengers stuck in Dubai over directives of PIA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Arshad Malik.

Dubai is hit by heavy rains as the rainfall reached 150 mm/hour for 2.5 hours, according to preliminary reports, tweeted Dubai Media Office.

Besides, thunder and lightning ran rampant for a bit on Friday night. One of the most impressive shots taken of this display was the sight of lightning striking the Burj Khalifa, reported Gulf News.

Cloudy and rainy weather is expected to continue today while many flights were cancelled.

According to the National Center of Meteorology’s daily forecast: “Continuity of rainfall, especially over the Northern, Eastern, and some coastal and internal areas. The number of clouds will decrease gradually by evening.”