PESHAWAR - Amidst fears of reported existence of Taliban miscreants in the restive areas, the repatriation of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) to different parts of both Swat and Buner districts is going to be commenced today (Monday). The NWFP government through Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and other government and United Nations affiliated bodies has already started registration of those IDPs who intend to return homes voluntarily. The repatriation process named Naway-i-Sahar (New Dawn) will continue for around two weeks. In the first three phases, which will continue till July 20, the IDPs up to Mingora city will return home. In this respect, the ERU has made brisk arrangements. The host administration will provide due travelling facilities to the IDPs whereas the administration of native districts has also initiated welcome arrangements along with provision of other facilities. No one will be forced to go back, remarked one of the government officials at Shah Mansoor Camp, Swabi. The IDPs, the official added, would be repatriated according to their own schedules. During visit to registration centre, TheNation observed that majority of the IDPs wanted to go back after July 20. However, some of the IDPs belonging to Buner and Dir regions were in favour of immediate repatriation. But they stressed on the provision of due facilities and friendly living atmosphere in their native areas. Bakhtzar, an internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Saidu Sharif, Swat, who is residing in Shah Mansoor Camp, while talking to TheNation urged the government to delay the repatriation process till the maximum security was ensured. Elaborating his point of view, he said that, according to his information, Taliban militants were still present in different parts of Swat district. Such elements are not only engaged in resistance against the security forces but are also terrorising the civilians, he added. Endorsing the views of Bakhtzar, Mutahir Gul from Buner diverted attention towards the destruction of houses of journalists Behroz Khan and Rehman Buneri in villages Balo Khan and Polan respectively. He said that security forces were camping only a few hundred yards away from the house of Behroz. He questioned as to how it was possible for them to return in the presence of Taliban militants. Another displaced person while opposing the repatriation process in the presence of Taliban militants said, I am forced to abandon my house by Taliban. Now I prefer bearing the sizzling heat in this tent village to returning home now. He added that he and his family members were under constant threat of Taliban militants, therefore, they were not in a position to return at least now. Hussain from Gogdara, Alam Khan from Kabal and Azmat Ali from Mingora also made similar comments. They said that they were willing to be repatriated at the earliest but wanted restoration of peace, security and proper living infrastructure in their operation-hit areas. They also urged the government to help them reconstruct their damaged houses.