Punjab University Law College is being run without a principal. Qualification for the post of principal is Ph.D in Law, along with other prerequisites. Unfortunately, a woman, who is not a Ph.D, has been principal of the college for several years. When she went abroad for her Ph.D, the college functioned without a principal. Indeed the Law College went under the headship of a person who possessed only an LL.M degree. He has been running Law College for almost three years. Despite the availability of two teachers who are Ph.D, one being Dr. Shahbaz Cheema and the other Dr. Amanullah Malik, a master in law was heading a law college. Dr. Amanullah Malik went to India after leaving PULC.

Secondly the faculty members of PU Law College are reluctant to take classes. If they teach, the way of teaching and the syllabus, being taught in PULC, is outdated. We spent five years in University Law College, but we know nothing about law practice, because we are taught nothing but cramming. We are law graduate, but we are not lawyers.

When any student speaks against such problems, there is no authority to listen. I request the authorities concerned to appoint the Principal Law College according to the qualifications required by the law, to introduce a new and modern syllabus and proper steps be taken to regularise the classes. Moreover a special complaint cell should be launched to redress the complaints of the students.


Lahore, July 10.