Governments build schools for the future of a country, in this respect this is an appreciable step, but after making them most are forgotten. Being a member of civil society I have researched that in the constituency of NA 122 many government schools are in terrible condition. I will mention some schools and the problems they face, Alam Model Primary School Jamilabad has multiple issues, this school has no education system, no teachers or students. There seems to be no attendance maintenance register, the teachers never bother to come, but receive regular salaries!

In totality this school is decaying, it has no boundary wall around the school. Should this be ignored by the government or the principle appointed, who must be receiving hefty salary for doing nothing? Who is to be blamed? Pakistan Model School Rehman Pura has a small boundary wall around it, but the other problems are the same. These issues affect the students, but they don’t know who to complain to, do we have even one honest and caring person in our Education Ministry to look into the matter and put things right?


Lahore, July 9.