The Metropolitan Police in general and the Scotland Yard in particular are known for upholding pristine investigative prowess vaunted the world over, yet they have also gained a standing for professionalism. And by virtue of that it is tomfoolery to expect them to hound anyone least of all when the suspect happens to have a UK’s ID and passport.

The MQM thinks it is helping matters by being vocal. At this point in time there has not been any high-profile arrest or resort to strong-arm tactics, the hallmarks of our own police that is notorious for using torture as the most common tool to elicit confessions. The criticism frequently coming from the party’s top carders are signals as though they are afraid of the investigation process. And if the thinking is to inveigle the London police into giving up the probe with threats and cajolery that sure is a grave miscalculation. A bad reflection on the state of discipline by the party, the frenzied statements like, “we will prepare your bodybags’ has now caught the attention of the British society; a BBC documentary raises some pressing questions. In Pakistan as well the channels and the newspapers who were merely reporting the events in London have been lashed with a harangue as though those events were far too sacrosanct for the media in the country to even report. One party leader levelled the charge against some Pakistani media houses who he said were trying to turn their wishes into news, criticism that is unjustified.

The London police has clarified once again that the investigations are underway against Altaf Hussain over money laundering as well as incitement of violence. Contrary to what some radicals might think that should help quell needless rumour mongering. It falls to the party to itself set standards of restraint and remain calm until the probe reaches its conclusion.