In journalistic or bureaucratic terms, there has been much more talk of ‘avvicendamento’ (change), or even of a twofold ‘change’ before elections -2013 but last week I traveled from Islamabad to different parts of my home town Larkana, I found all and sundry anxious and uncertain. I witnessed furious outbreaks of violence in Karachi and in other parts of the province. Peace, unfortunately, remains rather precarious, while it is all too easy to catch a glimpse of the fundamental motives, which are ready to threaten it.

Indeed, where there is no justice, there can be no peace, because injustice is itself a disorder, and in the noble words of Hazrat Ali (AS), “The work of justice is peace,” this noble philosophy remains true.

Likewise, where there is no respect for human rights, I mean those inalienable rights which are inherent in every man by his very nature; there can be no peace, because every violation of personal dignity favors rancor and the spirit of revenge.

Moreover, where there is no moral formation to favor the growth of good, there can be no peace, because it is always necessary to keep watch and contain the destructive tendencies which nestle in the heart of man. What I have to say, If we desire any positive and productive change in today’s troubled Pakistan, I mean peace, progress and prosperity, then, the work of justice is a must, be it court justice, administrative justice, procedural justice. Look at the employees of many organisations in the same grade for the last ten to fifteen years and no elevation in the next grade, how disappointing and dejecting it is for any competent, dedicated and devoted worker, where there is no appreciation for hard work and no retributive justice etc. Indeed, justice in all walks of life can guarantee prosperous and promising future to our coming generations.


Islamabad, June 29.