Mr John Kerry's statement that drone strikes are legal over tribal areas of Pakistan, as US Congress has authorised the use of force after the 9/11 incident is very inappropriate and a mockery of the UN charter of sovereignty that prohibits member states of UN attacking other UN member states. The recent strike was also contradicting President Barack Obama's guideline of May 23, 2013 that states, drone strikes can only be used to prevent imminent attacks ensuring that innocent civilian will not be killed, but he failed to ensure that sovereignty of a state will not be violated. Contentious debate over matters such as legality, morality and effectiveness of drone continue all over the world; the main idea being that of invading the space of a sovereign state, even for targeting extremists is not permissible.

Though, recent drone strike killed Waliur Rehmman of TTP along with some civilians whereas previous hundreds of attacks had killed more civilians than Taliban’s and had become a cause for public concerns and agitations. The number of civilians killed by drones contradicts the claim of specific targeting of Taliban. It appears to be a planed mission to defame, destroy and shatter the unity of the country as well as find excuse to take control of Pakistan's nuclear warheads. In spite of strong opposition by public, Pakistan government in the past has been on board, permitting US drone strikes and doing nothing to stop it, except give lip service to condemn and protest for cooling down the public emotions. I urge the coming in government to take firm stand, try to get a resolution passed through UN and stop drone strikes at any cost, in order to save innocent lives and restore public confidence and country's pride, honour and integrity.


Karachi, June 9.