Civil Superior Services Exam (CSS) are one of the most prestigious exams for recruitment into the Civil Services of Pakistan. Qualifying the CSS exam is next to fulfillment of a dream for the educated youth of our country. Aspirants devote their precious time, energy and resources to prepare for this exam. The driving force behind youth’s urge and inclination towards the CSS exam is the sense of national service and sentiments. Graduates from all over the country, desire to see themselves become Civil Servants in order to bring good name to their nation as well as their family.

It is unfortunate, that there are a number of problems related to these exams which need to be addressed quickly and professionally. Allocation of qualified CSS candidates depend upon number of available vacancies in the twelve departments offered by Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan. This year these vacancies have been announced after considering December 2012 as the cut-off date, whereas final results of the CSS exam including the merit list have been announced on May20, 2013. It is submitted that the lapse of time period from announcement of vacancies up till the declaration of the final merit list must have resulted in creation of new vacancies by virtue of retirement, demise, promotion and such other factors associated with Federal employs.

Only if establishment division undertakes their appropriate and rightful duty by announcing vacancies from the date of announcement of final results i.e. May 20, 2013, a large number of candidates from all over Pakistan would easily be allocated against the newly created vacancies. It is the responsibility and prime duty of the establishment division, Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan and candidates of CSS to realise this important, effective and imperative point and implement this suggestion. It has also been learnt from credible sources that one of the reasons for the current dearth of vacancies is that a number of officers from numerous other departments are accommodated through deputation in groups such as Information, OMG and MLCG. Resultantly, there are no chances of any vacancy in the upcoming allocation to be made by the Federal Public Service Commission.

It is note-worthy that after declaration of the final result of the CSS exam, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue had announced 34 vacancies in the Customs Department. However, it transpired that these thirty four 34 vacancies were not being allocated this year; instead, according to unofficial sources, only five vacancies of Custom Group will be available this year. This is a gross injustice to the students, blatant disregard of law, violation of rights and dereliction from duty by the Establishment Division and that Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan should take notice and play a visible and viable role with regard to this matter.

These above mentioned issues along with other concerns are a major cause of despair, consternation, grief and deep-seated disappointment for the candidates of Civil Superior Service exam. Therefore, it is hoped these issues would be addressed by the Establishment Division and the Federal Public Service Commission.


Mardan, June 10.