Publication of a report initially in an Israeli newspaper suggesting that Israel has exported security equipment over the past five years to Pakistan, including other "Middle-Eastern countries" has baffled the people while constituting an embarrassment for the military establishment. A nation that speaks out against a state openly for its occupation of Palestinian territories, also as a solidarity with the hapless Muslims, and in fact does not have diplomatic ties, is surreptitiously keeping military ties? A contradiction in what we preach and actually practice! Do we lack discipline or perhaps the scourge of double standards is dictating every sphere of life here.

The report, which deals with British government permits for arms and security equipment exports, claims that in addition to Pakistan, Israel has exported such equipment to Egypt, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco. The report was released by Britain’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills which oversees security exports and publishes regular reports on permits granted or denied to purchase arms, military equipment or civilian items. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz further revealed that according to the British report, Israel sought to purchase British components in 2011 to export radar systems to Pakistan, as well as electronic warfare systems, Head-up Cockpit Displays (HUD), parts for fighter jets and aircraft engines, optic target acquisition systems, components of training aircraft, and military electronic systems.

The Inter-Services Public Relations has categorically denied such reports. But the references quoted in the publication indicate that there is something fishy. If it is being denied only to hush up the matter, that would be unfortunate since people need to be told the truth now that the matter has been revealed in the world press. In fact, the time period mentioned in the report suggests that if at all there was any such deal, the transaction was completed during the PPP government. However, the government of the day should take the people into confidence and explain what really happened and how it would not happen again.