ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday condemned “United States efforts to purchase the services of the Pakistan government to carry out a military operation in North Waziristan Agency (NWA)”.

In a statement issued here, he said that by linking military aid and CSF (coalition support funds) payments directly to an operation in NWA, the US is using bribery for the PML-N government while seeking to discredit the Pakistan army.

Khan pointed out that conducting a military operation when most of the groups in NWA want talks is suicidal as it would result in displacement of seven hundred thousand people.

Those groups who have delinked from the TTP and want dialogue will be turned against Pakistan and would lead to a uniting of militant forces again. When the main groups in NWA are supportive of peace through dialogue, then the US-desired operation is clearly intended to turn these people against Pakistan, he added. 

Imran Khan put forward the following demands: The government must reject this US move and inform the national political leadership of the status of the dialogue mandated by the APC. The government must ensure that those seeking dialogue are separated from those continuing to carry out acts of terror and to isolate the latter so that action can be taken against them.

The PTI chairman reminded the nation and the government that suicide attacks in KPK had fallen to 12 from 25 since the PTI government took over and dialogues started. Khan also said that the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2013-2014 stated that the country sustained $6.7 billion losses in the outgoing fiscal year, which were $3.3 billion or 33% less than the losses sustained during the preceding year.

This was a direct result of the drastic reduction in drone attacks and the commencement of dialogue. Khan emphasised that Pakistan's state and government cannot continue to play the role of mercenaries for US agenda. If a military operation is to be conducted, the government must first explain what happened to the dialogue. It must also ensure that all civilians are evacuated from the area of the operation. “Finally, and most critically, it must separate the groups wanting dialogue from the hardened terrorists and act against the latter while protecting the former,” he added.

Monitoring adds: Imran Khan, in a TV interview, separately said that his party was not in favour of an end to democracy in the country and will continue its protest against rigging in the general elections under the limits of the law and the constitution.

Imran Khan said his party has sought justice in only four constituencies but the government, which claims to enjoy popular public mandate, was scared to provide justice. He said the PTI never supported end to democracy in the country but supported real democracy. He said true democracy could not be established in the country without transparent elections.

Imran Khan said it was his party's democratic right to launch agitation against rigging. He said the PTI's protest will continue until it gets justice.

The PTI chief said problems could not be resolved through military operations. He said the country's destiny could not be changed until the arrival of real democracy. He said the masses were fed up with the government as it has been failed to provide them any relief. He said the poor people were deceived in the budget. He said loadshedding was crippling the country's economy.