LAHORE - Drivers of heavy transport vehicles (HTVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs) use second lane while plying the national highways which is not only a violation of the NHSO-2000 but also a cause of obstruction for the fast-moving traffic, said Zonal Commander DIG Mirza Faran Baig yesterday.

He said that the trend caused accidents and loss of precious lives. He said that on the directions of Inspector General Motorway Police, the Central Zone would take strict measures against those who committed the lane violations.

Mirza Faran Baig directed the field staff that the drivers of PSVs and HTVs should be warned at the start of their journey regarding continuous use of the second lane of carriageways.

He said poor lane discipline was a violation that needed special and serious attention. He said some drivers were all-over the place and they don’t seem to realise that the second lane on highways could only be used for overtaking.

Besides inconvenience to other road users, this kind of inconsiderate driving is also very dangerous not only for themselves but for other road users too.

The officers are holding briefing session with different transport unions besides briefing the drivers on all the toll plazas from Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan.

The DIG said all officers of NH&MP should work hard to maintain discipline on all national highways by briefing drivers and enforcing the laws strictly.