ISLAMABAD: Pakistani officials said on Monday that clashes between Pakistani and Afghan forces have subsided along with one of their busiest border crossings.

The border troops traded heavy shelling along the Torkham border late Sunday over the construction that caused casualties on both sides.

The Afghan officials in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar province have confirmed that a border police was killed and six others were injured during the two hours clashes with Pakistani forces. Pakistan military said in a statement that only one soldier was injured.

The officials in Khyber agency said that several civilians were also wounded in Afghan firings who were admitted in a local hospital in the region.

Pakistan military says that Afghan forces “opened indiscriminate firing” after Pakistan started construction in its own territory.

Afghan officials consider construction near the border as unilateral and that all such matters should be decided bilaterally.

Afghan Chief Executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah Monday told ministers that Afghanistan and Pakistan have agreed to observe ceasefire along the Torkham border and solve the problem through diplomatic means.

“We currently have agreed on a ceasefire with Pakistan. We hope this problem will end through the work by diplomatic addresses,” Afghan independent Tolo television quoted Dr Abdullah as saying at the meeting of the council of ministers.

“Pakistan wanted to build new installations and Afghan Border Forces didn't allow it. Pakistan fired towards Afghan Forces,” Abdullah was quoted as saying.

A Pakistan Army statement said late Sunday that the Afghan forces started firing after Pakistan started construction of a gate on own side of the border as a “necessity to check unwanted and illegal movement of terrorists through Torkham.”

“Pakistani security forces responded to the Afghan firing effectively,” the statement from the Inter-Service Public Relations said.

Torkham is the most frequented crossing point at Pak-Afghan Border and recently even most of the terrorists have been found using this gate for entry, the statement said.

The firing incident occurred days after Pakistani introduced a new mechanism along the border on June 1st that requires every Afghan to carry travel documents for entering Pakistan.

Earlier thousands Afghans living near the border would cross into Pakistan without passports and visas.

Pakistan says the new system was put in place to curb the cross-border movement of the militants who would take advantage of the loose border monitoring system.

The Durand Line agreement was signed between Afghan King Abdul Rahman Khan and British India's Foreign Secretary Sir Mortimer Durand in 1893. The Durand Line constitutes part of the current border between the two countries, not the entire mutual border.

Pakistan considers border issue with Afghanistan as a closed chapter; however, Afghanistan does not recognize the border with Pakistan and calls it "Durand Line."

Pakistan and Afghanistan have nearly 1600 kilometers border, mostly porous, and skirmishes take place time to time