Dr Muhammad Ijaz Tabassum, Dr Abdul-Saboor

Basically, three very important constituents are always stored in barley foods. After dissolving the barley foods in the body,  beta glucan, essential amino acids and fiber constituents   accelerate the energy in the body with high resolution, eventually body feels relief automatically that leads to healing therapy  in the muscular systems.

The fibrous part of barley creates a hurdle in the digestion of other food stuff. Therefore, if someone is using the barley food items, then he or she must take other foods or medicines after two hours.

It is due to large ingredients of insoluble fiber of barley that there is no chance of stone formation in the bile of women. Due to these fibers, the food not only runs fast in the stomach, but it reduces the secretion of bile acid. It is an established fact that if the quantity of bile acid is increased to the standard threshold, it starts building into a stone in the bile.  In this way, the risk of stone formation in the barley users is reduced by 13 percent.

The patients complaining secretion of blood and pus in the urine, if treated with barley water along with honey, can recover within 15 days. Sometimes the same method helps in dissolving the stone.

In the light of Sayings (traditions) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the benefits of barley, some patients of stomach and intestinal ulcers were given a Barley Dissert (DALIA) at breakfast in the morning.

All the patients of ulcer recovered within 2-3 months. One woman, when did not believe the removal of symptoms of ulcer, went to America where she was told that stomach and intensives had completely recovered. On the other hand, these kinds of marvelous results could not be achieved with less than two years of best treatment in the world.

Initially, it was known about the fiber that it neither provided any kind of energy nor it had some nutritive value. Even the developed world has a strong belief in it. So, they started taking juice instead of eating fruits. This conventional thought also penetrated into the modern class of Pakistan. As a result, people started drinking juices of orange, apple, carrot and other fruits. They are still doing the same.

It may be good for patients who cannot take solid food, they can take juices. But it is not understandable that healthy persons are taking juices and thus making the intestines dull and sluggish. They should keep the intestines in working position so that they could enjoy good health. Therefore, they should prefer taking fruits instead of drinking juices.

When flour was prepared in the past, the choker or fibrous material was removed. As a result, due to shortage of fibrous material in the food, different diseases attacked the human beings. Then the research work started on this issue, and progressed rapidly. Recognising its importance, the fibrous food became popular again.

Around 12 diseases have been identified in the human body caused by the deficiency of fibrous food. These include diseases from large intestine to the stones of bile and other intestinal diseases. Among these, the other important disease is of constipation which is known as the “disease of the rich”. Although the disease does not appear after five to seven days of not using the fibrous food, but the symptoms come up after a long period of time.

It might be surprising for some of the people to know that there is no disease of constipation in the African continent. It is common in rich countries, included in Europe and American continents.

It is so because in Africa, there is three times more consumption of fiber than that of western countries.

Fiber is found in the walls of the cells of plants. It is not digested in the stomach and intestine. Carbohydrates, fats and sugar are digested while passing through small intestine, but fiber reaches in the large intestine. At this place, bacteria breaks the fibrous material into carbohydrates and make digestible which also provides energy. For the digestion of any food, fiber plays a pivotal role.

There are two categories of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Both are effective for constipation. They absorb water due to which waste material passes through smoothly. It has been established through research that both of these categories of fiber should be taken in food.

Soluble fiber is dissolved in water and its paste is formed which not only creates hurdle in dissolving food but also slows down the flow of food in stomach and intestine. This is how it is helpful in reducing the cholesterol in the blood.

On the other hand, insoluble category of fiber is not dissolved in water due to which it pushes the food forward in the intestines and thus the factors contributing cancer cannot fully paste their impact. Since fiber is in the shape of bulking agent in the body due to which its size is increased which fills the stomach and this is how small calories are consumed.

Since fiber also absorbs water, so there is early feeling of saturation and this feeling stays for a long period of time. Fibrous food is more effective for satisfying appetite than non-fibrous food. These fibrous foods attract digestible hormones. Overall, the impact is in the form of less consumption of food due to which weight is not increased.

In fact, there are two categories of diabetics, which include the diabetic of childhood and diabetics of adult age. The latter case appears at a time when our body cannot absorb sugar or sugar loaded food. This is a hereditary disease but due to gain in weight it may appear early. Its treatment lies only in the control of our weight and food. If the food stays in the body for a long time, then high amount of insulin is not required. This means that the pancreas have to work less. Constipation actually develops due to small amount of food in a large intestine. Small units of food items do not pass through the large intestine. When the amount of food is large, it passes forward. The best way to increase the amount of food is that we should use fiber in the food. In the large intestine, there are bacteria which tear the food into pieces.

Research shows that we should take 20-35 gram of fiber daily in which there is at least 10 percent soluble fiber. Fiber is generally found in grains, pulses, lobia, vegetables and fruits. The choker should not be removed from flour. Straw covered pulses are relatively more useful. Instead of taking juice of fruits we should eat fruit. There is large amount of fiber in brown bread. In the food of barley, fiber is the main constituent which keeps it unique as compared to other food items (crops). It is due to this fibrous material in the barley, an ample use is made in various products like baking items and beverages.

In 2006, the law department of food and medicine in USA has declared barley useful for health. They stated that barley and barley products are unique and useful source of energy during disease and post-disease periods. This has been declared as a constructive food for the functioning of various organs of the body.