ISLAMABAD - The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has halted the operation of the Al-Khair University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and stressed the students from all over the country to “not to take admission in the university”.

The Al-Khair University AJK has been lulled by the HEC for taking further admissions w.e.f fall 2016 onwards to all level.

The spokesperson of the HEC told APP that the decision in this regard has been taken due to mismanagement observed in the academic operation of the university.

HEC has also advised the students and their parents through a media alert for not taking admission in any of the branches, campuses and affiliated colleges of the Al-Khair University (AJK).

The degrees of the students enrolled in the Al-Khair University from fall 2016 will not be recognised by the Higher Education Commission, the spokesperson added.

However, the students who have completed their degrees from the Al-Khair University earlier from this order of HEC, their degrees would be accepted by the Commission.

Some sources reveal that the decision was made on several complaints against Al-Khair University’s involvement in selling of the degrees to the students.

HEC was also investigating the matter in this regard.