ISLAMABAD - Iranian Cultural Counsellor Shahaboddin Daraei and his deputy Ghasem Moradi have visited Skardu without getting formal permission, sources said on Sunday.

Both the diplomats are deputed at the embassy in Islamabad.

All diplomats are required special permission and security clearance to visit Northern Areas, KP and Balochistan. However, the Iranian diplomats did not get NOC for their visit to the Northern Areas during June 4-7 visit.

“Both participated in various events and seminars like "Hussain Sub Ka" Imam Khomeni and Cultural Event at Fatima Jinnah Women College Skardu,” the sources said.

They also delivered speeches and recited poetry in Imam Khomeni Conference and Cultural Event, they said. Both diplomats had only intimated the foreign ministry but proceeded to Skardu without proper permission.

“We are concerned at the activities of the diplomats because of the sectarian dimension in the sensitive areas and the threats to the CPEC,” a source said.

The sources also informed that govt had refused to extend visa for the head of the Iranian state TV and radio in Pakistan because of his reports that were seen harmful for religious harmony.

The sources said the IRIB local chief would "promote activities of a sectarian group" that was detrimental for Pakistan's relations with brotherly countries.