Islamabad - Imagine a shrilling melodious sound, emanating from your kitchen garden and shaking you from your deep slumber, just rightly when the first streaks of sun strike the mother earth.

Then the pungent floral fragrance stealthily making its way through your nostrils, elevating your mood to new heights of sensuousness, and letting you to hang out the daily straightjacket you have been put into by the mundane obligations, thus helping you to make afresh in the day.

All this is possible if you have a small patch of well-prepared and mulch-rich land adorning your home and penchant to get freshly organic seasonal veggies, satisfying the culinary quests of a vegan and filling your kitchen atmosphere with specific aroma.

With mushrooming of shops and nurseries catering to the needs of kitchen garden lovers in the federal capital, the trend of home-grown vegetables and fruits has witnessed an upsurge.

According to experts, to start with this mind soothing hobby with sensual appeal, you have to prepare your piece of land with well drained soil, rich in organic composts which are easily available in the market.

It can also be prepared at home by mixing dried fallen leaves, egg shells and bagasse of used tea mixed well into bucket proportionally filled with water and kept fully covered for a month.

After every week, it should be stirred to get the ingredients mixed well and later, the blackish slush can be used by directly pouring onto the targeted soil. Let it dry out after which you can plant the seasonal seeds. Then comes the selection of healthy seeds and the ideal time for sowing. The market in the federal capital is teeming with myriad varieties of seeds, some locally packed imported hybrid varieties. The owners could also give the beginners useful tips for growing various vegetables.

A kitchen garden owner Tariq Mahmood in Sihala pointed out that people should prefer local cross breed varieties with strong resisting capabilities to survive diseases, bugs and pests.  The use of natural prepared fertilizers and pesticides would give a pristine characteristic to your yield.

Patience is a must for beginners as the seasonal affects especially the `dog days’ of summer season could wilt away your nascent saplings. The technique of watering will be an additional expertise as the quantity of water being supplied to plants varies at times in different seasons.

An owner of Madina seeds suppliers at Faizabad admitted that in the last few years, they have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of ordinary residents seeking guidance and kitchen garden materials.

About their services, he tells that they supply seedlings of certain varieties of green chillies, capsicum, tomatoes and aubergine (brinjal) in these days which are easily grown in the pots as well.

Similar views were shared by owner of Awan Garden at the PWD Market. He informs that most varieties of the seeds are imported ones, commonly referred to as `hybrid varieties’, with more yield and resistance ability to fight diseases and pests attacks, besides keeping in view the adaptation of the plant varieties to the local environment. 

The seasonal fruits which can sprout well in the verdant atmosphere of the federal capital include apricot, plum, loquat, guavas, citrus fruits, grapevines etc; and these can be grown in the upcoming season of monsoon.

Vast varieties from local produce to dwarf ones are readily available in these nurseries. The local varieties cost your pocket less between Rs200 to Rs1000, whereas the imported and cross breed are costly. These dwarf type of fruit plants with plenty of luscious plump can also be purchased online ranging from Rs7000 to Rs10,000 per piece.

Among the two dozen well established nurseries at the Islamabad Highway near private housing societies, Ghulam Ali, a curator of Mardan nursery, counts the diverse varieties of fruit plants which will be brought from Turnab farms of Peshawar and Swat valleys and would be available in the monsoon season. He insists upon preference for well grafted varieties for surplus bearings.

Experts are of the view that due to the fast changing trends throughout the world where the modern techniques are applied with prime focus on organic farming, the residents’ growing intents of laying hands on home grown vegetables and fruits is a welcome and healthy sign and such activities should be encouraged.