RAWALPINDI: The gas pressure in residential areas of Rawalpindi city goes down at the timings of Iftar and Sehr causing immense problems for the fasting people. Because of low pressure the house wives are unable to prepare Iftar or Sehri for the family members. 

Despite the tall claims of federal and provincial governments to ensure uninterrupted power supply during Ramazan citizens also face unscheduled electricity load shedding at sehr and iftar timings. The reduced pressure of gas particularly at dawn has added to the problems of the people from owners of the hotels in commercial areas to people of the residential areas. The faithful are compelled to observe their fast without taking a pre-dawn meal as it is very difficult to cook food due to low pressure of gas, some residents in Khayban-e-Sir Syed told this agency.

The pressure of gas in the localities of BhabarBazaar,Khyban-e-Sir Syed,  Waris Khan, Committee Chowk, DhokKhabba, Chah Sultan, DhokSyedan, Gulistan Colony and surrounding areas starts to decrease from 1 am and onwards. The gas pressure reduces too much after 2 am that it is almost impossible to cook food on a low flame. Similarly in the evening the gas pressure goes down from 6 PM, the time when house wives start preparing for Iftar.

The affected people have appealed to the authorities concerned to take notice of the dreadful condition and put an end to the practice of low gas pressure and load shedding.

On its part, department of Sui Northern Gas says they have not received any complaints regarding low pressure of gas in any area. However the department will examine the pipelines for leakage and immediate repair will be put into action if an outflow is detected.