Islamabad - The emergency and disaster management (E&DM) directorate of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has pointed out massive mismanagement and financial irregularities in the affairs of E&DM Store with regard to stocktaking, dismantled material and quality and standard of highly critical life safety items, it has been learnt.

The E&DM store has purchased numerous items through call of tenders, single quotations, local purchase committee and respective procurement but the record pertaining to the stock and dismantled items is not being maintained properly, said the sources.

According to a letter written by the E&DM directorate (Disaster Risk Reduction Advisory Unit) to the In-charge E&DM Store and Director Security CDA, the standard and quality of the items procured by the in-charge, particularly life safety items, is below the standard.

Special concern has been shown about the standard of life safety items including foaming for liquid fire fighting, CO2 for extinguishers filling, dry chemical powder, uniforms, vehicle batteries, and tyres, foam trolleys, hose reels and pipes, gas masks, filters, helmets, fire suits, fire cutters, and many other items.

According to another letter from the E&DM directorate to the drawing and disbursement officer FHQ, CDA under the title of “Procurement of Digital Cameras,” the cameras recently procured by the addressee are substandard and below average quality level. “The aforesaid cameras are useless if compared with open market with no warranties, no brandings, no varieties and no features whatsoever,” the letter explained.

It asked the addressee to immediately cancel the procurement and stop the payments forthwith unless cameras are procured from the certified dealers with latest features, embedded technology, warranty claims and certified brand names.

 The E&DM directorate also asked the director procurement and contracts to devise a quality check and balance through designated committee for the E&DM transactions and store items.

In response to the concerns expressed by the E&DM directorate regarding quality of life safety items, the DDO E&DM on June 1 wrote a letter to M/s Qureshi Enterprises, Satellite Town Rawalpindi, to convey that the cameras provided by the firm to E&DM directorate are substandard and below average quality. The DDO directed the supplier to clarify and attend the observations and replace the cameras as per specifications. He also told the firm that payment would be made to them after the issue is resolved.

In view of the above, the E&DM directorate has sought quality check of items, stock exact record, stock dismantled items, items quality with regard to what procured and what is given by the contractors in each transaction between years 2011-2016.