The recent threats to young girls - be it outside Park Tower in Karachi, any place where the elite class studies in Lahore, works or hangs out in the urban centres of the country - that they should cover themselves completely and shun western dress, else their faces would be defaced beyond recognition point to the glaring fact that the religious bigots who call themselves "Taliban" are not only at our door steps, but are here to stay. In the meanwhile, the number of terrorism-related incidents in the country, where the prime targets are the personnel of various security agencies besides hundreds of innocent civilians, are increasing day by day. Where does all of this take us? To answer this question, we must first analyse the primacy of these so-called Taliban, who are known by name of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and are lead by an ever-elusive Baitullah Mehsud. The common perception, which was recently reiterated after my discussion with an activist of a youth-based organisation that staged a protest demonstration in Lahore against the drone attacks, is that the group of Taliban led by Baitullah Mehsud is an outgrowth or a subsidiary of the Taliban fighting the American forces in Afghanistan, and is, therefore, an antithesis of America and its imperialistic policies in the region. On my suggestion that they should, after the successful demonstration against the drone attacks, stage a protest demonstration against TTP and the extremism spawn by it, the activist was of the view that since Taliban and America are each other's sworn enemies, a protest against Taliban would favour and please America and its agenda in the region, which their youth organisation wouldn't want. This is where the whole problem lies; we haven't, as yet, been able to differentiate between what I call the "real" Taliban who solely focus on fighting the occupation forces in Afghanistan, and the "fake" Taliban, who are working on a hidden agenda of the United States and its ally, India, to disintegrate Pakistan. I call them fake, because it was during Musharraf's nine-year rule, whilst we considered ourselves an American ally, that the secret agencies of United States, India, Britain and Afghanistan established their hold throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan by setting up an extensive espionage network of their own, which recruited and subsequently released thousands of trained operatives garbed in the cloths of "Taliban" into the Pakistani territory. This can be substantiated by the accounts of many journalists covering the war in the north western border of Pakistan, which suggest that the 25,000 strong fighters led by Baitullah Mehsud are not only highly trained but also have state-of-the-art weapons at their disposal. Now one wonders that where does the unabated supply of money and latest war gadgetry come from? These "Taliban" do not have the luxury of windfall revenues generated by the poppy cultivation, as their counterparts in Afghanistan do; neither could they be funded by the ISI, given the kind of havoc they are wreaking in Pakistan. Therefore, all the circumstantial evidence leads to the involvement of some hidden hands, which have their own axe to grind. Moreover, the ease and impunity with which Baitullah and his loyalists address the journalists from their cell phones without being traced down by the modern tracking technology is mind boggling, to say the least. This is the question that troubles a thinking mind that how come a person on whom there is bounty of million of US dollars, and who is known to be freely moving around in the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, get away scot-free from the wrath of US drone attacks? In order to quell misgivings like this and to bring home the point that US is not playing a double game with Pakistan, a series of cosmetic drone attacks on Baitullah's territory have recently been carried out, in which no serious damage has been done to TTP's infrastructure. After the in-depth appraisal of our real enemies, we are in a better position to ascertain that, if unchecked, where this "fake" terrorism and extremism would lead us to. The answer lies in following the chain of history since the Soviet war of 1980s, and its comparison with the current 'war on Pakistan'. In the present 'war on Pakistan, as in the jihad against the "Russian infidels", America is the key player which is planning and financing the whole project; the role played by Pakistan in the Afghan war has now shifted to India and Afghanistan, both of whom are dealing with the operational level details; the mujahedeen in that war were recruited by Pakistan and US from all over the Islamic world, while the Taliban in the present war against Pakistan are being recruited by US, India, Afghanistan and Britian. Further comparison between the two wars will lead us to the results which US and its allies like India want from this 'war on Pakistan'. The prime objective of the War, which is also called Operation Enduring Turmoil by the secret agencies of the US, is to disintegrate Pakistan - give northern Pakistan to Afghanistan, Southwest Pakistan to the Balochs, east of Pakistan to India - by first bringing these fake Taliban into power and than attacking a Pakistan led by these bigots on the plea that the nuclear-armed mullahs would prove very dangerous for the security of the world. This situation is reminiscent of the times when the Taliban in Afghanistan were brought into power only to be attacked in the aftermath of 9/11 on baseless and flimsy grounds. The idea behind the both manoeuvres is the same - in the Afghan war and its aftermath, to bring a puppet regime in Afghanistan; in the present war, to disintegrate Pakistan, and thus to serve Indian interests, besides checking the influence of China and Iran in the region. The so-called insurgency in NWFP and Balochistan is also part of this 'Big Game'. By capitulating to these Taliban in the shape of the promulgation of the Nizam-e-Adl regulation, the Pakistani government is implicitly helping the ulterior motives of the great powers involved in this 'Big Game'. The power given to Maulana Sufi Muhammad and his cohorts to deal on part of the Taliban smacks of utter disregard on part of the government of the sensitivities involved. The flogging of a teenage girl and the threats to the girls in the main cities of the country; Maulana's interpretation of the Swat deal that the Taliban are allowed to wield weapons, and that they would be immune from being prosecuted in the new "justice" system; his vow to extend the Nizam-e-Adl to other parts of the country, and latest edict saying that appeals in the High Court and Supreme Court are un-Islamic - all of this is not only swiftly "talibanising" the country but also putting the very existence of the country in danger, given the involvement of the world and regional powers in the whole game. Given the stakes involved, the government needs to act fast, as any dithering on the issue could be fatal for the very existence of the country. The government must, first of all, very candidly discuss with the American officials that this hidden agenda pursued by their country has been exposed, and it would be better if the United States stopped playing the double game forthwith. If the US does not oblige, of which there are great chances, Pakistan should, inter alia, also re-think its cooperation on the War on Terror. Time has come when we see the imperialists and their allies eye-to-eye, else no one would be able to stop the spread of "Talibanisation" and the subsequent disintegration of the country. The writer is a corporate lawyer based in Lahore E-mail: