HANGU - The security force officers foiled a major terror bid on Friday as they fired at an explosive-laden vehicle entering Pakistan from the Paktia province of Afghanistan suspecting it to be a potential threat.

According to Assistant Political Agent Shahid Ali Khan, the shots fired at the vehicle detonated the explosives in the van, which, according to Shahid Ali Khan, was to be used in a major terror plot in Parachinar.

Parachinar suffered a twin tragedy on March 31, when at first 23 people were killed in a car bomb blast near an Imam­bargah at midday and later another person died after security forces opened firing on a crowd trying to hold a demonstration in front of the political agent’s office in protest against increasing terrorist attacks.

According to media, Assistant Political Agent in Parachinar, Shahid Ali Khan said that suspected terrorists were attempting to sneak an explosive-laden vehicle from Afghanistan’s Paktia province into Pakistan to target Jashan-e-Zahoor Imam Mehdi (AS) rally in Parachinar.

They were intercepted by Levies personnel at Borki checkpost near the border with Afghanistan and during exchange of firing, the security personnel managed to destroy an explosive-laden car.