ABBOTTABAD : Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) here on Sunday foiled the fake kidnapping for ransom and recovered a seven year old child from his own father who has registered FIR for kidnapping.

The CTD officials said that on May 10, 2019 Zahir Shah son of Agha Jan resident of Islamia Park Usman Abad registered a FIR in Mirpur Police Station that his 7 years old son Muzammil was kidnapped and when he was in Hassan Abdal as he received a call from unknown telephone number for Rs 10 million ransom.

On the request of Zahir Shah Mirpur police station forwarded the application to the CTD for the registration of FIR under Section 365 A, while the SP CTD formed a team to probe the matter.

By using modern techniques and technology CTD within 24 hours recovered the child from the custody of his own father who had registered an FIR of kidnapping for ransom.

During the investigation, the complainant confessed and told to CTD police that he was running a business of cloth in Abbottabad and after loss, he was burdened with Rs 10 million debt of the people and he was unable to pay it.

He himself staged a drama of kidnapping for ransom of his son to write off the debt of the people and kept the child in his brother in law’s home.