OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Journalist and civil rights activist Kanak Mani Dixit of Nepal, who is leading 'The Spinal Beetle sub-continental journey for his spinal injury rehabilitation centre in his home country, on Saturday, visited the Mayo Hospitals Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. At the centre, Dr Dixit said: Lahore is very close to my heart. The major reasons for undertaking this journey are to raise funds for the Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre of Nepal, to raise awareness on spinal injuries across the Sub-Continent and to emphasise the need for overland connectivity between these countries. The Himalayan states trekker had sustained a spinal injury in 2000 while he got himself stuck on the ledge of a cliff for four days. During his stay at the hospital, Dr Dixit was briefed by Dr Khalid Jameel, the head of the Physiotherapy Department and Rehabilitation Centre of the Mayo Hospital). Dr Dixit got an overview on Pakistans rehabilitation units. Dr Khalid told the Beetle leader that the Government of the Punjab had planed to establish one of the largest and state-of-the-art rehabilitation centres in Asia. Dr Zahid Pervaiz, Medical Superintendent, appreciated the cause for which Dr Dixit has undertaken such a magnanimous journey. As goodwill gesture, Dr Pervaiz offered Dr Dixit two Post-Graduate fellowships for Nepalese doctors to study Rehabilitation Studies at Mayo. On the occasion, Dr Jameel organised an interaction with patients, Zainab and Shahnawaz, who are suffering from spinal injuries. Dr Dixit in turn also invited these patients to Nepal for a vacation. The Spinal Centre Nepal was opened by the efforts of Dr Dixit along with his friends and family and was inaugurated by Sir Edmund Hillary in April 2002. The Centre is run by the non-profit Spinal Injury Sangha. From Lahore, the car will take the Grand Trunk Road as well as the M-1 Motorway to Rawalpindi/Islamabad. It will end at the Paraplegic Centre in Hayatabad, Peshawar, on 16 November.