LAHORE The public transports drought hit routes of the provincial metropolis are all set to receive 56 new buses within a week while another fleet of more than 200 buses is arriving in the City by the month end, TheNation has learnt. Foton AUV Bus Company China is bringing the Air-conditioned, CNG operated buses in result of the agreement with the Lahore Transport Company (LTC), said an official of the LTC, adding the buses would ply at the routes like the Daewoo Companys vehicles. 'The LTC had engaged in lengthy negotiations with the Chinese company, in which Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and LTC chief Khawaja Hassaan had also been involved. As per the background details, the LTC had signed the agreement with a Chinese company in June 2011 for 300 new buses and the first batch of 50 new CNG was to arrive in July. But the arrival has been delayed due to some reasons and the main reason among them was the newly imposed duty by the federal government on the import of buses, which added more than Rs one million in a price of single bus. It was said that the new buses due for Lahore would be energy saving and environment friendly. Foton Company dealing in Urban Transport sector is making huge investment for the provision of Air-conditioned buses in Lahore. Buses will arrive in the city under phased programme. The official told this scriber that fare of these buses would be in accordance with the approved and notified fare. Rupees 15 would be charged minimum fare while rupees 32 will be the maximum, added the official. Currently, there are less than 250 buses running at 53 routes of the City. The Punjab government, in 2009, had announced plans to import hundreds of new buses. But even after passing two years, the city is facing severe shortages of public transport. In the situation, it is an encouraging step that an international company is investing in the urban transport sector. The LTC, according to the official, have also identified 300 old buses for refurbishment belongs to various transport companies. LTC will provide Rs 400,000 each for the repair and maintenance of the old bus identified after due scrutiny and transparent process. The official said that the new 56 buses would ply at Ferozpur Road, Garhi Shaho Road, and Canal Road.