LAHORE The PTI, which is planning to form an investigation cell to probe into the asset details of the countrys politicians, is considering a key role for former spymaster Masood Sharif Khattak, TheNation has learnt on good authority. Major (R) Masood Sharif Khattak had led the Intelligence Bureau, the civilian secret service, during the first term of late Benazir Bhutto. Sources in the PTI, quoting some party leaders, claimed on Saturday that former spy chief who played a key role in eliminating hurdles put in the way of the first PPP government, could get an important role in the investigation cell of the PTI to gather information about the hidden assets of not only the leaders of other mainstream political parties, but also of PTIs own leaders and newcomers. PTI chief Imran Khan during his address to public meeting on October 30, has announced that he would form a special cell in the party tasked with getting the 'real or hidden asset details of not only the members of national political forces but also the party leaders. Sources, when asked about the mechanism and composition of the upcoming PTIs investigation unit maintained that a senior intelligence officer like Masood Khattak knows several techniques for gathering real information being a former secret service chief. They added that Masood may assemble some of his former colleagues to carry out the task if a decision was made by the partys top leadership to give him a leading role in the investigation cell. About other likely members of the unit, they maintained that senior lawyers belonging to PTI, party members with the background of investigation agencies and other leaders could be the part of the forthcoming cell. When contacted, Mian Azhar, senior PTI leader said that partys central executive committee meeting today (Sunday) would discuss various proposals regarding the mechanism and composition of investigation cell to be formed for probing into the details of the real assets of the politicians. Informing about the other agenda items of PTIs central body meeting, he informed that the meeting would deliberate over the impacts of October 30 public meetings on the masses in a bid to translate the spirit of the gathering into a vote base for the party in the next elections. He further informed that forging alliance with political forces would also come under discussion, besides partys organizational structure across the country in an effort for the early preparations for the next general elections. Azhar also told that meeting would review some changes in partys manifesto keeping in view Imarn Khans new agenda items during the October 30 public moot, while the constitution of the party would also be reviewed.