OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The NAB Punjab swirled into action and arrested IT Consultant Dr Majid Naeem on Saturday evening in a pending case. Earlier in the day, Justice Shahid Saeed, of the Lahore High Court, who is heading a commission, sought the education certificates and degrees of Dr Majid after the honourable judge raised doubts about his educational record. The NAB authorities have claimed they arrested Dr. Naeem, also former head of the PUs IT Department, for his alleged involvement in the embezzlement of Rs 4.5 million during his posting. A NAB officer talking to TheNation said that the University management had launched a complaint against the accused on which NAB Authorities started probe into the issue and after completion of the probe arrested the accused on Saturday. The accused was arrested, fearing that he would fly abroad. The commission demanded his certificates to know why the computerised online system failed during the compilation of the Intermediate results. During the proceedings, District Coordination Officer Ahad Cheema tried his best to defend the consultant. But the judge remarked: Both the DCO and the IT Consultant are somehow responsible for the failure of the online system of the educational boards. The online system was introduced during the days when DCO Ahad Cheema was serving as Secretary Higher Education in the Punjab and he hired Dr Majid Naeem as the IT Consultant for the eight educational Boards in the province to prepare a computerised programme. It has also come to light that the DCO and Dr Majid are close friends. They are also in good books of Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Justice Shahid, putting cross questions, asked the DCO as to why he had hired the services of Dr Majid, ignoring his expulsion from the UET, Wapda and Punjab University due to his corruptive work. The judge also inquired from the DCO whether if he did not know about the pending cases against Dr Naeem. The judge, criticising the DCO, said, You started online system in haste and after becoming the DCO, you did not bother to see whether the system was working or had failed? The DCO defended his position and said that the online system had no 'faults and that the problem was in its implementation, which was not Dr Majids responsibility. Rather, it rested with the chairmen of the boards. He said that the chairmen and clerks of the boards did not run the system correctly, adding that they did it under some conspiracy. The boards chairmen were the real cause behind the failure of the system. The DCO, taking side with Dr Majid, told the court that he (Majid) was the right person for the job. He claimed that as Secretary Higher Education he had assigned task to Dr Majid with good intentions. The judge remarked that it is clear that Majid had political links. The court ordered the DCO to submit a written statement with the commission till Nov 14, pointing out all responsible elements (persons) for the system failure. The judge also ruled that suspended BISE Chairman Akram Kashmiri also seems to be responsible for the failure, which has cost students heavily. The chairmen of the eight boards and other officials, appearing before the commission, alleged in one voice that only Dr Majid and his online system, not they, were defective. On this, the judge asked the Lahore BISE chairman if he ever pointed out any fault he detected in the system to anybody in writing. On this, the chairman remained silent. The commission directed him also to give his statement in writing to it. Further proceedings will resume on Nov 14, 2011.