ISLAMABAD - PML-N, the main opposition party in the parliament, holds the key to force PPP-led ruling coalition for early general elections in the country, sources said on Saturday. Well-placed political sources told TheNation that only PML-N was in position to create major constitutional crises for the government forcing it to go for early general elections as the last option. The PML-N is only parliamentary party that is capable of creating major constitutional crises for the government, parliamentary sources said. They were of the view that no other political players including the PTI of Imran Khan was in position to force the government for early general elections in the country. PTI has got no leverage except launching disobedience movement against government, which many believed, would a risk-prone proposition and may fizzle out without achieving the desired objective. On the other hand, sources noted that PML-N could force the government for early general elections much before the expiry of the mandated five-year term. They argued that PML-N, if wanted, could exercise its option of tendering resignation from the Punjab as well as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate that would start a serious constitutional crisis. By doing so, sources opined that PML-N would not only force the government to postpone the forthcoming Senate elections scheduled for March, 2011 but also demand general elections as the last remedy for the government to do away with political crises. Sources were of the view that the Senate elections would neither be possible without participation of the PML-N nor the government would be in position to hold bye-elections on such a scale in the given situation. It would not be feasible to hold bye-elections on the seats vacated by the PML-N legislators even if government wanted to do so, sources said. Sources were of the view government would not sustain political pressure on the face of the rapid developments when PTI on one hand and other groups such as PPP forward group headed by the dissidents such as Nahid Khan and Senator Abbasi, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Dr Zulfiqar Mirza and Dr Israr Shah as well as some sitting parliamentarians including Jhangir Tareen MNA and Owais Leghari MNA would also launch their respective groups. This would mean that the PPP-led ruling coalition would be facing multi-pronged pressure, sources said, adding in such situation the government will leave with no other options to but bow to the pressure. They believed that when so many political forces come round the cause of PML-N, government will have to succumb to their demand rather than resorting to tactical moves for successfully wriggling out the situation.