Blind dolphins are found in the muddy river waters of Indus where these lose their eyesight due to difficulty in seeing through muddy waters. There is a parallel case of our blind politicians of KP and Sindh who have muddied the waters over KBD so much that they have lost their vision to see the benefits of the dam that are so obvious to people in general. KP would never get their share of 14 percent of water from any other dam than a right bank canal from KBD while they have at present only 5 percent area of Pakistan under irrigation. Sindh would never get enough water for Rabi crops unless water is stored in a mega dam upstream while Bhasha Bhasha dam would need 12 years to build with only 6 years needed for KBD. Central Punjab that is grain basket of Pakistan would never get enough water for Central Punjab other than from KBD from a left bank canal. The conclusion is clear. Would we allow our blind dolphins or blind politicians to sacrifice future of 180 million people of Pakistan for their vested interests? DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, November 12.