LAHORE - PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Saturday lashed out at the PML-N for demanding President Asif Zardari to step down and deciding to hold a series of public meetings in various cities to mount pressure on him to quit. The PML-N had played an important role in electing Mr Zardari as the head of state. Now there is no justification for them to call for his resignation. This demand is totally undemocratic. The president will stay in office, no matter what the PML-N plans against him. The assemblies will also complete their term, he said while talking to TheNation. Shujaat said his party had considerable experience to hold rallies and public meetings. I can say in the light of my personal experience that the governments dont quit as a result of rallies. The PML-N will hold its next public meeting against President Zardari in Faisalabad on November 20. To make it a success, the party chief has given assignments to various leaders. Differences among various party leaders are also being resolved so that everyone could use energies against the government. The PML-Q president said President Zardari had decided not to create any problem for the Punjab government. Had he not taken such a decision, the PPP and the PML-Q were now in a position to topple the government of Mian Shahbaz Sharif, claimed Shujaat, whose party had joined hands with the PPP on May 1. Answering a question, he said if the PML-N had reservations about Mr Zardari, it should not have played any role in electing him to the top office. He recalled that the PML-N leadership had also congratulated Mr Zardari on his election. Now, he said, there was no constitutional or unconstitutional way to remove the president. In his opinion, there was no justification for any party to say that elections held with Mr Zardari still in the presidency would not be acceptable to them. Such an approach was completely undemocratic, he asserted. He said the ruling coalition had no plan to hold rallies like the ones being planned by the Opposition. In response to a question, he said the PML-Q was willing to make election alliance with all 'patriotic parties which seriously wanted to solve peoples problems. These parties would be identified close to the elections, he said. Asked if the seats adjustment formula agreed upon with the PPP for the election was final or could be reviewed according to the objective conditions, the PML-Q chief said there was no hard and fast rule on the issue. He said the PML-Q was determined to take part in the election as an ally of the PPP and strong candidates of both the parties would be put up to trounce the opponents. He gave no importance to President Zardaris aide Senator Faisal Raza Abidi that the PPP would contest the next election in alliance with the MQM, the ANP and the Sunni Tehrik only. Mr Abidi must have forgotten the PML-Q as a coalition partner with the PPP, he said. Asked whether the PML-Q would take any steps to persuade the dissidents not to part ways with the party, Shujaat answered in the negative. Anybody who has to go, has to go. They are not children needing counseling. He believed that a few defections would not weaken the PML-Q as it was a very big party. About the allegations levelled by PML-Q leader and Federal Minister Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat in Rental Power Plants case, Shujaat said the issue pertained to the period when the PML-Q was not part of the ruling coalition. Now, he said, the matter is with the Supreme Court.