Honourable Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry the Chief Justice of Pakistan. My Lord, As you know, according to a flagship study produced by the United Nations Development Programme and released by the UN, Pakistan ranks 145th among 189 countries on the UN Human Development Index (HDI) which deals with health, education and income. The above subjects are looked after by their respective ministries but I am sure if a similar study is carried out on 'crime situation Pakistan may appear still worse. The subject of 'crime and punishment falling in your domain the people expect you to perform better than the corrupt and inefficient rulers. Let us recall the days when the people of Pakistan came out in the streets and staged massive protests and demonstrations to install you on the throne of Pakistans judiciary. I am one of your die-hard fans but my faith also dwindles when I see a highly alarming crime situation in the country. Since your holding the coveted appointment you have concentrated more on the affairs concerning the past and present judges and the serious irregularities committed by the government despite the fact that the rulers pay no heed to your decisions. The common man continues to run from pillar to post in quest for justice with no result. The legal cases continue to be dumped in the cold storage and remain frozen for decades. As for the current situation, you know Sir that punishment is the best deterrent to curb crime. We find the daily newspapers full of crime news relating to thefts, robberies, murders, cheating, corruption, illegal possession of properties, acid throwing on women, torturing them and cutting off their limbs, child lifting, kidnapping for ransom and the worst of all frequent incidence of rape and gang rapes. With such a high intensity of crime we hardly read the news of any harsh punishments awarded what to speak of the capital punishment. It is a common scene that the rash drivers crush people under their wheels and escape from the scene. Hundreds of people have thus been murdered on roads with not a single run-away driver apprehended and punished. Coming to the daily occurrence of rapes, the rascals do not even spare the baby girls of around five years age, who are like flowers to be picked up and loved. It is such a heinous crime that the culprit deserves hanging on the spot. What do you think of the recent case of necrophilia in Karachi where the caretaker of a grave yard used to dig up bodies of recently deceased women. The culprit has admitted the desecrating of at least 48 dead women. The evidence readily available dont you think the criminal deserves immediate death by hanging? Respected CJP, please bring revolutionary reforms in the system if you want to win the hearts of people. My humble suggestions are: Divide the judiciary in two parts, one to deal with the pending cases and the other to handle the new cases to finish them quick. (2) Appoint special courts to deal with heinous crimes like murder and rape. In the case of rape give more credence to DNA tests as is done in foreign countries. (3) Hang a dozen rapists and see the miracle of the crime becoming obscure. (4) The crime is thriving in Pakistan because the criminals have no fear of punishment. Award exemplary punishments to create impact and fear among the criminals. With regards. RAFI NASIM, Lahore, November 10.