Captain Kirk is trapped on a planet, and he screams the name Khan loudly. This is a very popular scene from the 1982 Star Trek movie The Wrath of The Khan. 30th October 2011. Imran Khan stood on a stage, facing thousands of people, with a gigantic Pakistan flag in the backdrop, and his wrath for those in power was loud and clear. Khan boldly went where no man had gone before. He challenged the status quo of Pakistans leadership successfully. Without any doubt, Pakistans Khan had finally arrived. The sights and sounds at Minar-e-Pakistan that evening were powerful enough to put the fear of God in any sensible politician being challenged by hundreds of thousands of people singing the national anthem, and chanting change, in one voice. But have they actually scared anyone? Within hours of his very successful Jalsa, Imran Khan told the press that an alliance with Nawaz Sharif is possible if the latter declares his real assets. Soon after, Imran Khan met with Jamat-e-Islamis Syed Munawar Hasan to reportedly discuss an alliance. I asked a senior member of PML-N, if PTIs epic jalsa had sent shivers down their spine. He laughed and said it will take more than one jalsa to break down an entity as strong and deep-rooted as Mr Nawaz Sharif. He went on to say that inclusion of old faces in PTI is leaving gaping holes in its defence, through which the whole movement will collapse, and the Khan will be embarrassed. Since then Imran Khan has rejected the possibility of alliance with any corrupt party, and yet made the tall claim of fielding 1000 candidates across the country, in the next general elections. In my humble opinion, without making alliances with existing players, individual or group, there is no way PTI could be in a position to even think about forming a government. Does that mean all hopes for change in the current state of affairs are lost? Yes, if Imran Khan falls into the trap of old-school politics, and form of election. No, if he comes up with real change, which may include a change in the whole system. But how would he bring the change unless he is in power, which he cant be without the change? Catch-22? PTIs only conclusive demand, declaration of real assets, is completely intangible and stands no ground. Millions of dollars have already been wasted by various versions of Ehtasab Bureau, and not one instance of ill-gotten wealth has yet been proven or recovered. What hasnt been declared by someone as theirs, is just not theirs. It may be in the name of a son or a servant, or even a dog or a cat, but surely cannot be attributed to those accused of being the real owners of palaces and businesses. Real change needs tangible demands. Today, with the force of millions of young Pakistanis behind him, Imran Khan wields the power to make those demands and effect real change. He holds the key to force even constitutional changes, new laws to be written and implemented, and all without actually taking office. Millions of people, standing under the one flag of Pakistan, could actually force a change in the mode of election, which is the biggest hindrance for any new leader to reach the corridors of power. With the power of people behind him, Imran Khan can carve his way right through the obstructions that are forcing him to make weak statements like the ones mentioned above. I think, PTI should not jump into the existing arena and take on old professional players in a game no one can possibly win. They will all gang up under the guise of mufahimat and coalition, and destroy any effort to dismantle their endless grip on power, at any price. We have already seen bloodshed on our streets caused by the same power game. Imran Khan needs to have faith in the promising youth of Pakistan, who have the courage and will, to turn the tide. All they need is encouragement, guidance, a plan, and a leader. PTI needs to offer new solutions, a revolution of sorts. In conclusion I would say that Imran Khan is standing at a moment when history is being written. Fate has given him a clean sheet of paper, with a pen only his hand can hold. Opportunity has opened wide, a door to Pakistans prosperous future. If he fears the moment, he will only fumble. But if he believes in the power of the wave behind him, and holds his position strong, he writes history in his own hand-writing. Imran Khan needs to overcome the temptation to play old games. Instead he needs to rewrite the game. The writer is a well-known TV anchor. He can be contacted via email (, through Twitter (@FaisalQureshi) and Facebook (