ASADABAD (AFP) - Eight civilians including a newly-wed groom were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan Saturday, the latest innocent victims to die despite a Taliban call to limit their deaths. The victims, which also included a woman and a child, were killed in the eastern province of Laghman when their car was blown up as they returned home after the mans wedding party late Friday. The latest reports show that eight people including a woman, a child and a groom were killed in the blast, said Laghman provincial spokesman Faizanullah Patan. They had a wedding party last night and were going to their home when the blast struck in the district of Alingar at around 10am (0530 GMT), he added. The woman killed in the blast was not thought to have been the bride. Afghan civilians have paid a high price in the decade-long war in their country. Elsewhere in Afghanistan Saturday, four policemen and two civilians were wounded by a roadside bomb which targeted a police vehicle in Herat city, western Afghanistan, local civil order police commander Essa Iftikhari said.