LAHORE Andhera Ujala was a super-hit serial broadcast on Pakistan Television in the late 80s, which most of Pakistanis had watched on black and white TV screens. The theme of the drama was typical and poor police functioning. In case of any wrongdoing, in the drama, when a police officer was admonished by his immediate boss, he used to come hard on his junior officer. Similarly, the junior officer used to take to task his immediate subordinate. And ultimately, the subordinate used to abuse ordinary men not only for his own catharsis but also to shift the blame on others. Unfortunately, the police in the largest province (Punjab) are still working on the same theme with a minor difference. When any major incident takes place in Lahore due to the police negligence, Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif takes strong notice on media reports and comes hard on the City Police Chief. Then the police chief takes to task his subordinates and, ultimately, the subordinates go into the field to teach a lesson to the ordinary men. But within 24 hours, all the characters go back to their initial stance, or position, and start working what they were doing earlier. On Thursday evening, a young motorcyclist was killed when the chemical coated twine of a stray string slit open his throat in Sabzazar police area. He was on his way to a local hospital to provide medicines to his ailing mother when he suddenly fell victim to kite-flying, a deadly sport totally banned in the province on the orders of the Lahore High Court. As the media made headlines and flashed the incident, the CM came into action. Shahbaz Sharif came hard on the CCPO Ahmed Raza Tahir and directed him to hold an inquiry into the incident. The CCPO immediately took the DIG (Operations) to task, who later suspended the concerned SHO to save his own skin. The police came into action and started raids to nab the kite-flyers and those selling the kites. But all this (action) could not satisfy the CM. On Saturday, the CM suspended DSP Sabzazar Asad Muzafar and some more officials to cool down the temperature. The media also highlighted the action and praised the CM for take quick action. But very unfortunately, within less than 24 hours all the characters are back on their previous positions. The Kite-flying is till taking place. Believe it or not, the Deputy Superintendent of Police suspended from service by Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has been reinstated and posted as Chief of the Anti-Terrorism Investigation Squad with immediate effect. The notification issued by the spokesman of the City police says, Capital City Police Officer Ahmad Raza Tahir has issued orders of transfer and posting of three DSPs with immediate effect, including DSP Asad Muzafar from SDPO/Sabzazar to Anti-Terrorism Investigation Squad. During informal chat, a few police officers said that the suspended SHO would also be reinstated shortly as the dust settles. They informed that the DSP had strong political connections so he immediate got his suspension orders reversed. The CM also announced Rs 500,000 compensation for the victim family but no solid work has been done to stop such killings in future. In September, the CM visited the residence of a police torture victim and paid Rs one million as compensation to his family. The Operations, Investigations and CIA wings of the City police are running more than 150 private torture cells in the jurisdiction of 77 police stations in the provincial metropolis to 'interrogate the suspects. But did the Chief Minister take any practical step to stop extra-judicial killings in future? If the police torture another suspect to death in future, or the chemical string slits open the throat of another motorcyclist will the CM again announce financial assistance for them from the national exchequer? Lets wait for the next episode of the real Andhra Ujala.