Migratory birds migrate during a particular seasonbut the weathercocks change their direction with the changing wind. Something similar is in the offing for the PTI. Many an opportunist, including some heavy weights also, in the garb of the proverbial fasli batera arestoking theirfeathers to fly towards it. Unfortunately, most of them are tainted in various shades of corruption and the PTI doesnt have any cleansing device to wash away the grime and dirt of corruption besmearing almost all of them. And, in the wake of their efforts to enterinto the folds of the PTI it is certainly causing concern to many like me about the partys claim of eradicating corruption in Pakistan. I am sure IK is aware of the peril that such 'fasli bateras nay 'fasli vultures - could cause to the party and its manifesto and would be extremely watchful about it. Or else, the masses pinning great hopes in him and his promises will be utterly dismayed. IK might be having some consideration for some of them as the potential vote getters, but let me assure him if he focuses primarily upon the youth and sticks tenaciously and uncompromisingly to his manifesto of eliminating corruption and taking to task the corrupt by confiscating all their undeclared assets within and without Pakistan, he need not have any such worries. Remember, during the rising days of Bhutto the people were said to have voted even for a pole if Bhutto had allotted it the party ticket. Same would happen again if the masses have the similar confidence in Imran Khan too. However, at the same time IK should look for highly dedicated and competent persons (Technocrats, if I may call them) to form his team to deliver all that he has in mind and the people expect from him. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, November 12.