HAFIZABAD- Prices of vegetables particularly of potatoes and tomatoes have shot up during a few days while the price control committees have miserably failed to prevent the tendency of fleecing consumers by the wholesalers and retailers. During the past few days, the special price magistrates were busy in Muharram duties, as a result of which the hoarders and wholesalers increased the prices of potatoes to Rs100 per kg and tomatoes to Rs150 per kg. The price of sugar has also been increased to 60 per kg and wheat flour is being sold at Rs1,640 per maund. The Housewives Association Hafizabad has protested against soaring prices of essential commodities and called upon the district administration to prevent the tendency of fleecing consumers by taking remedial measures and to launch a crackdown on hoarders and wholesalers to provide some sort of relief for the consumers.

ST RESENTS KILLINGS IN TERROR ATTACKS: Sunni Tehreek's Hafizabad chapter has strongly condemned the killing of innocent people during a terrorist hit in Gujranwala.

District President Syed Usman Haider Naqvi also lashed out at Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Munawar Hassan for declaring "murderers of thousands of Muslims as Shaheed" and advised him to desist from such utterances in future.

He said that the activists of defunct organisations were responsible for creating hatred among the Muslims to destabilise the country. He advised the activists of Sunni Tehreek to keep a vigilant eye on terrorists to maintain peace particularly during holy days of Muharram.