LONDON-A super-fit amputee came first in the fancy dress section of a modelling contest by dressing up as a peg-legged pirate. Jonas Zimicki, 31, from Cambridge, has now been offered a string of modelling jobs after placing fourth overall in the Miami Pro UK Championships. The gym instructor, who has no right leg, had hoped to compete as a sprinter for Team GB in last year’s Paralympic Games. But after he failed to make the cut he switched his focus to fitness modelling in the hope he could offer an example to other disabled people. His efforts were rewarded when he was crowned fitness modelling fancy dress champ at his first attempt, complete with wooden leg. Lithuanian-born Mr Zimicki was born with a deformed right leg which surgeon’s amputated when he was 19. He moved to Britain in 2004 and wanted to compete for his adopted country after training alongside Jonny Peacock. But he missed out on a place with Team GB and instead had to watch from his sofa.