ISLAMABAD   - The Prosecutor General Accountability (PGA) who heads the prosecution wing of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has demanded the list of all decisions made by the Regional Director Generals (DGs) during the absence of Chairman NAB, well placed sources told The Nation on Tuesday.

According to details, after the dismissal of former Chairman NAB Fasih Bukhari from the apex court on May 28 this year the office of the Chairman NAB remained vacant up to the appointment of incumbent Chairman NAB on October 10, 2013.

During this period, the DGs continued to exercise their powers which had been delegated to them by the Chairman under section 34-A of National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999. A number of petitions were filed in various High Courts challenging the DGs’ ability to exercise delegated powers in the absence of Chairman NAB the sources added.

Just having a glance at the decisions and their legality of exercising the delegated powers, the prosecution wing of the federal watchdog has to look each individual action taken by the DGs whether those actions were in accordance with the delegated powers, it was learnt.

The prosecution wing head has issued a most immediate circular to all the regional NAB offices to submit their lists of voluntary returns, plea bargains, arrest warrants issuance, summons, posting and transfers the sources added.

The incumbent Chairman has recently intervened the placement plan of 268 newly inducted NAB officers and rejected the postings of the newly appointed NAB officers where a massive pick and choose and nepotism was observed, the sources added.