The local chapters of four Opposition parties including the PPP, ML-J, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami have joined hand and formed a grand alliance to give the ruling PML-N tough time in the upcoming local bodies elections here in Wazirabad.

Local political leaders including the PPP Divisional President Ijaz Ahmad Samma, PML-J Muhammad Khalid Mughal, PTI Ahmad Shahnawaz Cheema and JI Mian Salahuddin convened a meeting at the residence of Ijaz Samma and discussed the fasting changing political scenario in the run up to the upcoming LG elections. After a long discussion, leaders of the four opposition parties agreed to form a grand alliance at local level against the ruling PML-N.

According to decision taken in the meeting, the proposed new alliance will nominate suitable and winning candidates in all 30 Wards of City Wazirabad who will contest the elections on one electoral symbol. The alliance will decide its candidates with the next four days. Strategically 30 Wards has been divided into two parts in South and North and the election-related matters of South Part which include Wards of Allahabad, Nizamabad and some portion of Sikandarpura will be dealt by PPP leader Ijaz Ahmad Samma and Muhammad Khalid Mughal jointly while the North Part consists of rest of wards will be handled by the PTI and JI leaders jointly.

Ijaz Ahmad Samma, Khalid Mughal, Mian Salahuddin and Ahmad Shahnawaz Cheema will finalize a list of unanimous candidates to compete ML-N in LB Polls within four days or before allotment of Symbols. "Election Commission will be contacted for allotment of Election Symbol for Grand Alliance."  Khalid Mughal told the news men.