LAHORE - Keeping in view the parliament’s resolution and election commission’s statement on the issue, Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has appealed to the Supreme Court to defer the local government elections till the completion of all necessary arrangements.

Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly and PTI senior leader, Mian Mehmoodur Rasheed made this demand at a press conference at his personal secretariat on Tuesday.

He demanded, “The Supreme Court should delay the local government elections keeping in view Election Commission’s demand for sufficient time to complete the electoral arrangements and Parliament’s resolution which says that political parties will not get enough time to complete their electoral preparations.”  Mehmood also demanded Urdu language nomination papers instead of English and extension in the date for filing of nomination papers.

He warned that PTI would move the courts if a reasonable extension was not made for filing of nomination papers.  He further demanded that code of conduct for local polls and amended Punjab Local Government Act, 2013 should be published in the newspapers for the convenience of the local elections’ candidates.  PTI leader maintained that fair elections could not be held without fulfilling all the constitutional and legal duties for conduction of the local polls.

 Mehmood accused PML-N leader Khawaja Ahmed Hassan of making the pre-poll rigging arrangements in the provincial capital, besides delimitations according to the will of the ruling party in Punjab.